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Pre Rinse, Spray Units
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B-0133-B B-0107 B-0113-B
EasyInstall Pre-Rinse Unit, wall mount. base faucet with spring check cart. & lever handles, 2" dia. flanges with 1/2" NPT female eccentric flanged inlets, 35-1/2"H, 15" overhang, 8-1/4" clearance, 18" riser, B-0107 spray valve, B-0044-H flex stainless steel hose, 6" wall bracket Spray Valve Assembly, with hold down ring & rubber bumper EasyInstall Pre-Rinse Unit, spring action gooseneck & hole base faucet, 18" flexible stainless steel supply lines with comp. fittings for 5/8" OD copper tubing, 45"H, 14" overhang, 19-3/8" clearance, 24" riser, spray valve (B-0107), stainless steel hose (B-0044-H) and 6" wall bracket
B-2278 B-10K 001121-45
Pre-Rinse Unit, 8" center wall mounted faucet, vacuum breaker between base of faucet and riser, 1/2 NPT female inlets, 39-7/16" height, 15'' overhang, B-0107 spray valve Repair Kit, for B-0107 spray valve Spray Valve Face, 1/2" thick, 2-1/8" dia., round, low-lead, 1.42 GPM, 60 psi, plastic, gray, EPAct2005, NSF (for B-0107)
B-2278-01 000369-40 000372-40
Pre-Rinse Unit, 8" centers, wall mount, add-on faucet with 12" swing nozzle, wall bracket, 44" stainless steel hose & vacuum breaker, 1/2" NPT female inlets Pre-Rinse Riser, 18" long, chrome-plated, 3/8" male NPT Pre-Rinse Riser, 24" long, chrome-plated, 3/8" male NPT